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Jaleel Fresh Produce

Established in 2001, Jaleel Fresh Produce is the source of fresh fruits and vegetables for groceries, restaurants, supermarkets and cafes in UAE.Quality, on-time delivery and supply of fresh food are just some of the attributes Jaleel Fresh Produce is renowned for. Selected to make running your food service operation simpler and smoother, it continually provides consistent and reliable products to meet any requirements.

Sameer & Zakir Trading

Another key source for a range of fruits and vegetables, Sameer and Zakir caters to a large number of supermarket and hypermarkets in the UAE and has built a reputation of providing only the highest quality of produce to consumers.

Jaleel Fruits & Vegetables

Source and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world, itcaters to the retail and catering segment of the UAE. The fresh produce also gets exported to other GCC countries,utilizing top notch transportation methods. Established in 2005, Jaleel Fruits and Vegetables is behind the brand "Necta" which has become a household name, across the GCC, for its high quality products.

Al Jaleeb Trading

Established in 1982, Jaleeb sources fresh fruits from India, Pakistan,Kenya and Sri Lanka. While earlier these fruits were supplied just within local markets across the UAE, since the year2000,products were re-exported to almost all GCC countries.The name has grown multifold, also being recognized as a mineral water brand in the retail market.